Offshore Service Gesellschaft is your partner for all service requirements from quay edges to your offshore location. We develop concepts for the efficient implementation of a wide variety of logistical needs and put them into practice for our customers. […]

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In offshore activities, offshore logistics costs present a large percentage of the total cost and thus significantly impact economic efficiency. In addition, they are further negatively impacted by disturbance variables, such as the weather. […]

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added value

Thanks to being a part of a strong community, we are able to handle all logistics processes, from the quay wall, to port handling, transportation, and final offshore location. We create added value for you through complementary skill sets and the pooling of competencies. […]

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Offshore Service News

Successful SGU Certification

OSG has received the unrestricted certificate according to the regulations of the “Safety Certificate for Contractors” issued by DEKRA Certification GmbH. The certificate allows OSG to work based on a management system that complies with the regulations of SCC** standards.

The SCC certificate is a combined work and environment management system governing (occupational) health and safety, as well as environmental protection.

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Offshore locations generate various kinds of waste. We pick the waste up and recycle or dispose of it appropriately. We provide the appropriate containers for transportation and, if needed, we are able to generate further savings through sorting. The handling of hazardous substances is particularly important in the offshore industry, due to its particularly environmentally […]

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