Offshore Service Gesellschaft


One big challenge in offshore logistics is weather dependency. A well-thought-out logistics concept is thus an important aspect of improving the economic efficiency of an offshore project. We have developed the “offshore port” – a temporary port very close to your offshore location, which includes hotel, storage facilities, bunkering, material handling, and so much more.  This culminates in a unique solution, which ensures an operation that is largely independent of weather, with maximum personnel availability (not only due to the proximity to the place of deployment), as well as minimal ship movements and chartering requirements.


We handle the construction, operation, supply and disposal for the offshore port as a one stop shop with minimal interfaces. That way, you can focus on your core business. Our range of services is complemented by a proactive planning of transfer runs from and to the base port. This planning may combine transportation and work processes. This results in a number of positive outcomes, in addition to lowered costs for logistics. For example, it is possible to increase the hours at which the wind turbines of an offshore wind farm turn at full capacity, while the availability of personnel and material are boosted.