Offshore Service Gesellschaft


With the construction and opening of our new terminal on 01.06.2019, we have expanded our expertise into the field of offshore security.


Our terminal is located in the ISPS-compliant port facility of Cuxhaven and offers a flood-protected container facility as well as a floating jetty with berths for small and medium-sized passenger ships. Here, the control and processing of offshore personnel takes place in a modern security lock. Equipped with baggage and body scanners as well as handheld scanners that meet international airport standards, we ensure the highest security standards.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help make your offshore projects safer and more efficient.



To best support offshore personnel during their time at sea, we offer ample parking spaces in close proximity to our terminal. These parking spaces are available to personnel for their entire time at sea, allowing them to safely and conveniently park their vehicles. We want to ensure that our service makes the lives and work of our customers as easy and efficient as possible.